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Here are more than 100 E-A-R solutions, from custom-designed to off-the-shelf, from vehicles to VCRs. Browse through them to solve your own design problem or simply to get new ideas. Select the category or subcategory that most relates to your current situation, and then click on the solutions that you’d like to see.

Specific Applications

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Heavy-Duty Machinery
Compressors, Generators, Pumps, Fans
Commercial Appliances and Equipment
HVAC Equipment

Precision Equipment/Electronics

Business Machines, Computers, Peripherals
Medical and Lab Equipment/Instruments
Consumer Electronics And Appliances
  Disk Drive Shock Frame
Surrounding a delicate disk drive with CONFOR® foam ensures accuracy, prevents noise and protects from shock damage.
  Combination Cell Phone and PDA
Today’s portable communications devices are more durable, thanks to CONFOR® foam shock pads and gaskets.
  Cellular Phone
Damped elastomers make cell phones less fragile.
  Set-top Box Cooling Fan Mounts
E-A-R cooling fan mounts eliminate disturbing vibration in satellite TV equipment.
Just three small ISODAMP® grommets put a stop to disturbing vibration in a communications device for the hearing impaired.
  Ruggedized Laptop Computer
High performance shock and vibration control materials allow military maintenance technicians to use extremely durable computers in the field.
  Surveillance Camera
Standard isolators ensure steady aim and quiet operation in a security device.
  Security Tag Detector
Versatile VersaDamp™ formulations can meet the special needs of broad-temperature-range applications
  Surveillance Camera
Versatile isolation material restores quiet accuracy to outdoor security device.
  Garage Door Opener
Vinyl damping material reduces objectionable noise levels in common household device.
  Robotic Camera
E-A-R materials enable more precise operation.
  Audio Amplifier
High-end audio equipment demands high performance noise and vibration control.
  Camcorder for Marine Applications
Water-repellant foam ensures a secure seal for a video camera regularly exposed to high humidity.
  Garage Door Opener
Damping sheet provides economical alternative noise solution for common household device.
  High-End Stereo Turntable
A $20,000 phonograph turntable delivers ultra-high fidelity playback, thanks to E-A-R damping and isolation materials.
  Instant Camera
Specially formulated foam pad on a packet of instant photography film aids development and helps the camera-user extract only one exposed negative at a time.
  Hot Tub Spa
E-A-R materials and technical assistance help a spa maker meet its design goals and budget.
  Diagnostic Treadmill
With E-A-R noise and vibration control treatments, a “stress test” treadmill gives patients’ hearts a workout, not their ears.
Broad-temperature-range isolation material reduces fan noise.
  Stereo Speaker
Off-the-shelf grommets solve audio problem in computer speaker system.
  Security Gate
A combination of damping, acoustical absorption, barrier and gasketing treatments ensure the precise operation of a safety device.
  Metal Detector Wand
An energy-absorbent CONFOR® foam “wrap” enables a sensitive device to withstand rough treatment.
  Computer Keyboard
TUFCOTE® foam incorporates durability and precision into a computer keyboard.
  Garbage Disposal
A kitchen appliance meets overseas noise standards, thanks to TUFCOTE® foam.

Specialty Applications

Seating, Positioning, Pillows, Mattresses
Athletic Equipment


Automotive and Truck
Marine and Aircraft
Bus, Coach, and RV
Personal Leisure Vehicles
Farm and Construction, Off-Highway



ISOLOSS® NV damping materials
New materials handle noise and vibration in electromechanical equipment.