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Here are more than 100 E-A-R solutions, from custom-designed to off-the-shelf, from vehicles to VCRs. Browse through them to solve your own design problem or simply to get new ideas. Select the category or subcategory that most relates to your current situation, and then click on the solutions that you’d like to see.

Specific Applications

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Heavy-Duty Machinery
Compressors, Generators, Pumps, Fans
Commercial Appliances and Equipment
HVAC Equipment

Precision Equipment/Electronics

Business Machines, Computers, Peripherals
Medical and Lab Equipment/Instruments
  Combination Cell Phone and PDA
Today’s portable communications devices are more durable, thanks to CONFOR® foam shock pads and gaskets.
  Cellular Phone
Damped elastomers make cell phones less fragile.
  Pocket Pager
Custom-molded snubber protects delicate electronics and crystal display screen.
Just three small ISODAMP® grommets put a stop to disturbing vibration in a communications device for the hearing impaired.
  Emergency Speed Dialer
E-A-R acoustical foam absorbs problem noise and cushions against shock in emergency communications device.
  Marine Antenna Aiming System
Highly damped isolators return quite and precision to antenna system.
Consumer Electronics And Appliances

Specialty Applications

Seating, Positioning, Pillows, Mattresses
Athletic Equipment


Automotive and Truck
Marine and Aircraft
Bus, Coach, and RV
Personal Leisure Vehicles
Farm and Construction, Off-Highway



ISOLOSS® NV damping materials
New materials handle noise and vibration in electromechanical equipment.