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Here are more than 100 E-A-R solutions, from custom-designed to off-the-shelf, from vehicles to VCRs. Browse through them to solve your own design problem or simply to get new ideas. Select the category or subcategory that most relates to your current situation, and then click on the solutions that you’d like to see.

Specific Applications

Industrial and Commercial Equipment

Heavy-Duty Machinery
Compressors, Generators, Pumps, Fans
Commercial Appliances and Equipment
HVAC Equipment

Precision Equipment/Electronics

Business Machines, Computers, Peripherals
  Cooling Fan Gasket
Thin, die-cut gaskets of ISODAMP® C-1002 thermoplastic prevent disturbing vibration and noise caused by many small temperature-reducing fans installed in a metal equipment cabinet.
  Data Storage Rotational Vibration Solution
Damping and isolation treatments tame the disruptive rotational vibration in a data storage system.
  Shadow Mask for Computer Screen
Damping and isolation treatment stops speaker vibration from distorting a CRT computer screen.
  Computer Drive Tower
Durable die-cut urethane damps metal housing in computer disk drive rack.
  Disk Drive Damping and Isolation
A special formulation of shock-absorbent CONFOR® foam can help prevent read/write errors in computer disk drives.
  Computer Hard Drive Snubber
Low-stiffness molding material meets computer’s shock-protection needs.
  Laptop Computer - Microphone Mount
Custom-molded, snap-in part isolates sensitive device.
  Ruggedized Laptop Computer
High performance shock and vibration control materials allow military maintenance technicians to use extremely durable computers in the field.
  Bar Code Scanner
Custom-molded ISODAMP® grommets provide cost-effective shock and vibration isolation and add durability to hand-held electronic device.
  Bar Code Scanner
Custom-molded elastomer grommets provide shock protection.
  Clipboard Computer
Broad-temperature-range damping materials and custom-molded parts protect delicate electronics.
  Laser Printer
Custom-molded mounts eliminate problem vibrations from a stepper motor.
  Postage Meter
E-A-R's custom grommet “assemblies” add value to mailing machine’s vibration solution.
  Office Mail Scanner
TUFCOTE® acoustical foams and ISODAMP® damping material limit the problem noise in a high-speed, high-volume mail sorter.
  Data Relay Hardware
Adhesive-backed ISOLOSS® LS foam “tape” is used as gaskets and extensional damping strips in computer hardware storage racks.
  Laptop Computer LCD Gasket
Low-density foam provides moisture- and dust-resistant gasket.
  Disk Drive C-Part
Damping material controls vibration that can reduce accuracy.
  Industrial Computer
Set-resistant foam provides secure, resealable gaskets for computer used in factory environment.
  Laptop Computer - Fan Mount
Peel-and-stick parts control vibration, aid assembly.
  Postage Scale
Four custom-molded feet isolate sensitive device from its surroundings.
  Whiteboard Computer
Multi-layered composite solves cushioning problem.
Medical and Lab Equipment/Instruments
Consumer Electronics And Appliances

Specialty Applications

Seating, Positioning, Pillows, Mattresses
Athletic Equipment


Automotive and Truck
Marine and Aircraft
Bus, Coach, and RV
Personal Leisure Vehicles
Farm and Construction, Off-Highway



ISOLOSS® NV damping materials
New materials handle noise and vibration in electromechanical equipment.