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Here's a look at what's happening at E-A-R Specialty Composites. You may find our news archives to be of interest, too.

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Environmentally friendly foam absorbs shock energy in electronics.

New acoustical foam features reflectivity, withstands high radiant heat.

Aircraft damping composites
Multi-layer composites control noise and vibration on a wide range of aircraft.

Capabilities brochure
Booklet provides snapshot of E-A-R.

Custom-molded parts
E-A-R can mold custom-designed isolators in numerous proprietary elastomer formulations.

Basics of aircraft soundproofing
Pocket-sized booklet outlines the four-pronged method of controlling noise and vibration in aircraft

CONFOR® ergonomic foams
CONFOR viscoelastic foams offer high energy absorption properties and self-adjusting cushioning.

Damped decoupled barrier with glove-skin surface
Foam-and-barrier composite features attractive faux leather texture.

E-A-R Product Guide
Here's a comprehensive listing of E-A-R products.

E-A-R supplies BBJ soundproofing to Raytheon
Aircraft Damping Composites meet energy control requirements of Boeing Business Jets.

G-412 grommets
With a .031-inch plate groove, the G-412 grommet is engineered for use with the thin-gauge plastics and metals used in today's electronics.

Gulfstream 200 jet aircraft
Gulfstream's new super mid-size business jet will get E-A-R thermal and acoustic treatments.

Indy facility attains QS 9000 status
Our Indianapolis plant adds QS 9000 to its ISO 9002 credentials.

Introducing: VersaDampTM 2000 TPE System
Just-published booklet focuses on E-A-R's newest elastomer for molded isolators.

ISODAMP® C-1000 Series elastomers
Highly damped C-1000 Series thermoplastics are temperature-tuned to perform in discrete environments.

ISODAMP® C-1002 thermoplastic
E-A-R's flagship isolation material exhibits superlative energy control properties.

ISODAMP® C-2206 damping materials
Flexible, easy-to-apply materials control vibration on light-gauge metals and plastics.

ISODAMP® C-3000 Series damping foams
C-3000 Series foams control structureborne vibrations in three discrete temperature regimes.

ISODAMP® damped decoupled barrier composites
Dual-duty composites combine damping and barrier materials.

ISODAMP® SD damping materials
SD materials are ideal for damping rigid, lighweight structures, such as equipment cases and housings.

ISODAMP® TED and TAD damping materials
TED and TAD sheet damping materials provide effective, cost-efficient damping of rigid, lightweight structures.

Isolator design guide
Booklet give comprehensive technical data on all standard molded parts.

ISOLOSS® HD sandwich mounts
Durable HD isolators feature bonded metal inserts.

ISOLOSS® HD urethane
Super-tough energy-control material performs in broad temperature range.

ISOLOSS® LS gasketing foams
Durability and resistance to compression set add up to excellent gaskets.

ISOLOSS® LS microcellular foams
Microcellular foams are ideal for gasketing and padding.

ISOLOSS® sandwich mounts
Available in numerous styles and sizes, ISOLOSS sandwich mounts feature bonded metal inserts that can eliminate the need for additional mounting hardware.

ISOLOSS® VL isolators
These low-load isolators are ideal for shock mounting a wide range of small electronics.

New molded fan mounts
Specially designed elastomeric mounts reduce the need for metal fastening hardware.

Problem-solving software
Engineering department complements CAD capabilities with purchase of statistical energy analysis program.

Red Bull jet
E-A-R provides thermal/acoustic systems for celebrity aircraft.

Standard grommets
With a variety of materials and numerous configurations to choose from, off-the-shelf isolation solutions are often a design option.

Thin sheet casting brochure
Here's information about E-A-R's urethane foam capabilities.

TUFCOTE® acoustical barriers
There's a TUFCOTE barrier style to meet nearly any design project's cost and performance requirements.

TUFCOTE® barrier-absorber composite
New standard foam-and-barrier composite features a 1.6 pcf weighted noise barrier.

TUFCOTE® RM and SM acoustical foams
Foams with aluminized facings do dual duty: noise control and thermal insulation.

TUFCOTE® RM-10-75 composite
High performance foam-and-barrier composite does dual duty.

This economical self-skinned acoustical foam features many of the benefits of laminated materials.

This acoustical foam's non-glare black urethane surface resists soil and fluids, won't mirror its surroundings and doesn't make sparkly “sunbursts” at fastening points.

VersaDampTM molding materials
VersaDamp TPEs bring performance and flexibility to the design process.

ISOLOSS® NV damping materials
New materials handle noise and vibration in electromechanical equipment.

ISODAMP C-8002 Halogen-Free Molding Material
E-A-R introduces C-8002 molding material available in environmentally-clean, halogen-free formulation